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Wing Chun Trailer – Martial Arts in Norway

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

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Wing Chun Trailer – Martial Arts in Norway

Realistic combat – Wing Tsun

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

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redhorse0251 (2 days ago)
your video is great. But i guess the moves are choreographed somehow. I should say the opponent is cooperative rather than uncooperative. No attacker will launch only one strike to his opponent. Wing tsun is a great form of martial art i believe. But the teacher is not teaching but performing his skills and that’s great. Hope to hear from the one who uploaded this vid. I’m a martial arts enthusiast myself. We’ll get in touch and share a video of our kind of martial art.
citygent (3 days ago)
Cobra Kai, anyone? This guy is a jerk. Any student who trusted their instructor wouldn’t desperately cover themselves and even be willing to put their lives in their hands in advanced stages. With my instructors I have always been able to relax when a strike came through as I know I’m safe – not curling into a ball and covering myself.
This guy’s a bully, shouldn’t be instructing and shames Wing Chun.
juiceknot (4 days ago)
I am a former wing tsun guy. This instructor is a punk. Beating up your students means nothing. Wing tsun suffers in sparring because they never spar with real guys who are really good at other disciplines. Instead they have a student poorly imitate another discipline and assume that that will show wing tsun works against someting like an effective takedown by a wrestler or jujitsu guy. This instructor is a skinny punk.
chaissonb (2 weeks ago)
In some parts of the world it could referred to as Wing Tsun and in others it could be Wing Chun. I guess the name varies, like the style and forms within the style vary from region to region. Who