Why on Earth expand your Foundation with Kula Yoga?

Kula yoga can help any martial artist improve the foundation of their training and overall health. The breathing techniques and gentle stretching of Kula – as well as other styles of yoga can be very helpful. Martial artists – of wing chun, as well as other styles, frequently hit a plateau and need to introduce new elements to their workout.

The breathing techniques of Kula yoga form a foundation toward better martial arts, psychological wellness, connection to the earth, and overall health. Gentle stretching techniques in Kula yoga are a nice complement, allowing you to build a flexible foundation and stronger connection to the earth. These ancient breathing and stretching techniques are similar to the very foundations of kung fu, and can help one return to the root of their art.

Why supplement your wing chun training with Kula yoga? It is radically different from Wing Chun training, and makes for the perfect complement to your training regimen. It covers many aspects of martial arts training that are often left out as our bodies adapt to our workout. Why not put some pizazz back in your workout by trying Kula yoga alongside your wing chun training?

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