Wing Chun – Just a Girl

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starrybright (2 months ago)
Wing Chun is one of my favourite Michelle movies too! Especially the tofu scene… *sigh*

artfuldodger6 (1 month ago)
wats the full name 4 this film?

takemeouttonight (1 month ago)
Wing Chun.

DOO1 (1 month ago)
wait this film is called wing chun?? Wing chun is a kung fu aint it? if u wanna see a wing chun/tsun film watch ‘prodical son’ lol

takemeouttonight (1 month ago)
Yim Wing Chun is the name of the woman who created the martial art of Wing Chun. The movie is a fictionalization of the creation of the art by the woman.

zaphod4269 (1 month ago)
Ng Mui is the nun that is credited with creating wing chun/tsun.

she named it after yim wing chun, which was her first student

Yim Wing Chun is the Girl in the Story from the Movie

ScruffyRanger (3 weeks ago)
The only way you could make Michelle any hotter, would be to give her some night vision goggles and a couple of silenced pistols… mmm… I think it might be time for a private viewing in the bathroom, bbl.

PizzaForce (2 weeks ago)
Night vision goggles!! AAAUUUGH hot..

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