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Wing Chun Street Chi Sao in China

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

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Targetius (1 week ago) marked as spam
The guy in black at the third match seems to be pretty good and the guy with glasses and stripe shirt has some interesting skills too. Not Wing Chun at it’s best if you ask me though.
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VingTsunTX (2 weeks ago) marked as spam
I love seeing wing chun from its home.
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nel3000 (4 weeks ago) marked as spam
its the person not the style…i know people who do tae bo that can beat people that do other shit.
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theladiesfan (1 month ago) marked as spam
hehe… it seems none of them wants to look bad in front of the crowd…. face is a funny thing.
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mypetfish (1 month ago) marked as spam
looks like too much tension in the chi sao. Sometimes they are just circling round with exagerrated movements. A softer WS practitioner would just collapse and go through the middle where the hole is.
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zercle (1 month ago) marked as spam
I think it’s beautiful to have people get together on some street and try out their skills without negative aggression, destructive egos and pointless competition.
Thanks for sharing
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wingchunclub (3 months ago) marked as spam
Thanks ph8tel, It’s so wonderful to see different styles of our system. I think I saw Grandmaster Chan in the crowd. What year was this? I even recall a few more faces from the crowd. Cool.
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Fastlan3 (3 months ago) marked as spam
The third match, the man in the black shirt has some skill.
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bluez4u2 (3 months ago) marked as spam
This only confirms that WC has been evolving over time and becoming better. That stuff on the video clip might have been old old style WC that never evolved. The WC that you see now a days in Hong Kong is way better.
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doink3 (4 months ago) marked as spam
man u kidding its terrible! thats not wing chun, its scrapping panicking

Wing Chun Teacher

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

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jonjon2034 (14 hours ago) marked as spam
Leung Ting owns all.
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kevme (1 day ago) marked as spam
He’s been around a long time, knows a lot and seems like a nice guy, but he should do Traditional Wing Chun instead..then he’d be a monster. But as he is, Master Keith Mazza would I believe, rip him to shreds and lights out very quickly.
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umeshpatel (2 days ago) marked as spam
colin ward is one of uk s top instructors who trained me
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umeshpatel (2 days ago) marked as spam
good comment!!! iwas trained by colin ward in uk.. emphasis is on training the student and not showing off your own skills are right.
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umeshpatel (2 days ago) marked as spam
very wise!!!
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mww270963 (4 days ago) marked as spam
i practice wing chun, karate, kali and kick boxing… and i form everything around wing chun
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AbiDawud (1 week ago) marked as spam
This man is 2nd generation Yip Man. Any wanna be tough guy can talk trash all over the internet where your identity can remain anonymous, but I don’t think you should be saying a word until you’re willing to say it to someone’s face, especially if the one you’re trashing is a master and you’re just some laymen bum joe shmoe off the street.
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johnty505 (1 week ago) marked as spam
too stiff and too slow
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2029AD (2 weeks ago) marked as spam
when he hit the wall, he finished
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JarJarSphinx (3 weeks ago) marked as spam
I guess you are referring to me, with my long explanations?

What makes you say I’m an egoist? I don’t portray myself as a master, as I’m not, nor do I lift out any one person as beating everyone else, as you do.

Get over yourself and just read it for what it is, my own analysis of my own experiences with different forms of self defense.

Cool Wing Chun Trailer – Martial Arts in Norway

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

[gv data=”zj5B4NN_yu8″][/gv]
This video has some great footage, and ends with a video of sil lum tao. The sil lum tao contains a higher kick than you normally see in wing chun – you don’t see a lot of flashy wing chun leg maneuvers.