Different looks at Wing Chun

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ahay321 (6 days ago)
Wing chun designed to defeat other styles! Other styles use wild round punches. Wing chun person would simply block these with bil sau (thrusting hand), counter with the other. Block/strike. Round punches are SO easy to see and block. Wing Chun prefer to punch straight but can use small circle punches eg: hook. Blocks set up many techniques such as grabs, throws, choke holds, submissions.

angryonion87 (1 week ago)
yeh it is more likely to be messy in a real fight but what wouldnt become less graceful. id still rather be able to fight standing than grapple like in UFC. Who wants to be tackling someone on the ground in an ally with broken glass, and what if there are multiple attackers (usually the case), whats is buddy doing while your scrapping on the floor.

shaolinking5 (2 weeks ago)
What bothers me is that most MMA fighters have 4-6 years of training tops and just hop into the ring and yet people call them the greatest fighters in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love EVERY fighting style and think they all have something to offer, but UFC and Pride fighters are not the best in the world. You have to look farther than your TV set to find the best.

wozbot (3 weeks ago)
If you can catch them on your forearms you have a fighting chance of retaliating. Whatever style you train you need to work on your strength, stamina and body conditioning to have a realistic chance of taking hits and surviving the battle. Osu!

wozbot (3 weeks ago)
The only qualm I have about WC is that the defence seems to be geared solely against WC attacks. A street thug will not attack you in direct straight lines with his feet glued to the floor. That is why you need a close in ‘boxer’ defence (IMO). Your opponent is most likely to use wild haymakers which you will not be able to predict.

Shinsengumi77 (3 weeks ago)
actually, WC is geared more towards those wide boxing attacks. We just train with other WC practitioners to train at the same time. Hooks and other wide, circular techniqes would be very ineffective (and potentially kamikaze-like) if you use them on a WC dude.

hgamer (3 weeks ago)
thank god you mentioned it, coz some believe that the quickest path between 2 points isn’t a straight line. if youtube required an i.q. test for most of these posters, they’d fail.

Swrdmaster9 (3 weeks ago)
the guy in the vid seems to know what he’s doing, but he still comes off as sluggish and lacking the “total control he speaks of. why does this video have artistic cuts every 5 seconds, and why does it end like a DEVO music video? most importantly why is he trying to be a fat bruce lee? the one inch punch demo is way overdone now, and the bruce lee scream is unnescesary at best.

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