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Realistic combat – Wing Tsun

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

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redhorse0251 (2 days ago)
your video is great. But i guess the moves are choreographed somehow. I should say the opponent is cooperative rather than uncooperative. No attacker will launch only one strike to his opponent. Wing tsun is a great form of martial art i believe. But the teacher is not teaching but performing his skills and that’s great. Hope to hear from the one who uploaded this vid. I’m a martial arts enthusiast myself. We’ll get in touch and share a video of our kind of martial art.
citygent (3 days ago)
Cobra Kai, anyone? This guy is a jerk. Any student who trusted their instructor wouldn’t desperately cover themselves and even be willing to put their lives in their hands in advanced stages. With my instructors I have always been able to relax when a strike came through as I know I’m safe – not curling into a ball and covering myself.
This guy’s a bully, shouldn’t be instructing and shames Wing Chun.
juiceknot (4 days ago)
I am a former wing tsun guy. This instructor is a punk. Beating up your students means nothing. Wing tsun suffers in sparring because they never spar with real guys who are really good at other disciplines. Instead they have a student poorly imitate another discipline and assume that that will show wing tsun works against someting like an effective takedown by a wrestler or jujitsu guy. This instructor is a skinny punk.
chaissonb (2 weeks ago)
In some parts of the world it could referred to as Wing Tsun and in others it could be Wing Chun. I guess the name varies, like the style and forms within the style vary from region to region. Who

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

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WingChunStdnt (1 month ago)
Absolutely amazing! One of the best Wing Chun videos I’ve seen so far! There should be more like these.
nbrotonel4 (1 month ago)
Pushing power with minimal effort is great. You don’t tire yourself and inflict some damage, thus you use the enemies’ force against him.
kertong (2 months ago)
now *this* is a good wing chun video. enough with the “let’s hit my compliant drill parther 100 times while he stands still” – more of these, please.

Would love to see this body alignment implemented in some real combat situations, got any videos of such demonstrations? 🙂

theshadowboy607 (5 months ago)
He really got some power in his hands!
fbcbjm79 (6 months ago)
awesome, done with structural alignment and not brute power. wc at its best

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

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Some of the comments with this video:

guitartangokid (2 weeks ago)
These are serious wing chun skills, i belive it is known as sticking hands. can be unbelievabely useful at close range. Dont mess with it heh. Look at thier arms, if they wanted to really smash eachother it wouldnt be very pretty, hospital job. They have control, the exersize is not pointless at all, builds hand eye co-ordination, muscle endurance, and knowledge of what strikes feel like, not justlook like.

79xd79 (3 weeks ago)
If it is indeed improvised and the guy on the left is indeed really trying to hit the ‘master’ and get past his defences, then what we have here is a very impressive video. If not, then the whole exercise seems pretty pointless to me. (Although I think that either way the average guy would get his ass handed to him by either of them.)

siulamtau (4 weeks ago)
I won’t deny them their skill…somewhat, but there was no fook sau, but i did see some taan saus. overall, there was some good points, but lines were off and the “sifu” over shifted many times, so he could have been merely pushed away pretty easily.

WingChunStdnt (1 month ago)
They look like they’re having fun, which is why they are more relaxed in their techniques than normal. I think it’s a great way to show that you don’t have to be perfect in executing every move in Wing Chun to know it can still be very effective. This is definately one of the better Wing Chun videos our there.

Mind Body & Kickass Moves – Wing Tsun

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Wing Tsun Moves
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Comments of note on Youtube:
“Wing CHun or Wing Tsun, no matter how different, he is right about his principles. Speed is better than strength. Strength comes from technique. INcorrect technique leads to injury! Most Wing Chun/Tsun fights last between 5 and 10 seconds (1 on 1). 2 or 3 on one is over in about 20 seconds. I sh*t you not!”

“Regardless of how strong you think you are there are portions of the human anatomy that are vulnerable no matter how tough you wanna pretend you are. Compared to Joe Anybody walking down the street I’m sure you’re pretty tough but NOBODY in professional sport fighting could compete with a true master who has 20, 30, or 40+ years experience and knows how to get around physical strength.”

“You could take down anyone with a hit to the throat or the knees if you’re good. A big guy can take a small guy down with these if he wants, but they tend to be the ONLY way a small guy can fight a big guy and win, or at least, not be killed. Whether you want to take it that I want to go out there and win lots of money by killing big men is your choice.”